Milling Machine Fixtures

Milling Machine Fixtures

Milling machine fixtures and jigs, commonly acknowledged as work-holding templates, are an imperative device used in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, that enables you to mount other machine parts or workpieces on it while securely fastening them down during your machining process. These templates not only secure precision cuts, but they also increase production speed, efficiency, and ensure your workpiece can withstand the robust cutting force.

What is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is an innovative manufacturing process guided by pre-programmed workstation software that mandates the motion of related tools and mechanisms, which execute indicated dimensional responsibilities.

Fixtures vs. Jigs 

While fixtures and jigs are closely related devices, together, they serve different purposes on your workstation. A fixtures’ function is intended to hold your machine part or workstation in place while it undergoes the cutting process, while a jig is responsible for guiding the blade. These essential pieces are typically constructed from stainless steel, and other various alloy materials. Each fixture and jig can be customized to diverse sizes and configurations depending on the client’s needs.

Benefits of CNC Fixtures 

  • Efficiency in production lines
  • Precise cutting lines
  • Ensures all parts produced meet design, dimension, and cutting requirements
  • Prevents breakage of workpiece under sizeable cutting force
  • Ensures smooth operation of entire machine 

Types of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Fixtures 

As fixtures and jigs are customizable in accordance with the client’s specified dimensions and configurations, there are several choices of fixtures to choose from that possess different functions and solutions for your business. Let’s take a closer look into the differentiating features of each feature below.

  1. Modular Fixture

Modular fixtures can be customized into a range of elements including standardized designs, purposes, and dimensions depending on your production requirements to save manufacturing intervals, condenses production cycles, and enhances overall manufacturing efficiency. Modular fixtures have a high degree of position accuracy, robust fastening tractability, and are appropriate for lesser batch products with intricate designs and shaping patterns.

  1. Hydraulic Fixture

Hydraulic fixtures are an exclusive device that utilizes oil or air pressure as a fuel foundation to localize, guide, and tightly compress the workpiece at hand. These clamps can efficiently and precisely determine the positioning of the workpiece relative to the machine and blade and cutting accuracy to increase clamping and releasing times. These types of fixtures have a compact structure compared to other clamp styles. have high velocity cutting proficiency and are commonly utilized for programmed control. Therefore, hydraulic fixtures are best suited for mass scale production requirements that utilize a CNC machining program.

  1. Electromagnet Clamps  

An electromagnet clamping fixture is utilized for efficient clamping of workpieces on the production line. It offers extreme stability and reliability for clamping necessities and is again, utilized for programmed, automatic control. This clamping fixture is suitable for small and large batch production lines and is highly energy-saving.

Elements to Consider When Choosing Your CNC Fixture

Before selecting which fixture or clamp you require for your business production line, clients must consider the following elements to ensure optimal benefits and results. 

  • The category of CNC machining core
  • Precision requirements
  • Batch production size
  • Processing cost

By considering these factors, you can reduce your production cycle times, save costs on labor, make your production operations more convenient, and ensure safety.

Types of Milling Machine Clamps

Whether machining large plates or numerous smaller parts, clamping solutions are required to guarantee precision, safety, and production efficiency. 

  1. Step Clamps

Step clamps are one of the most common clamps utilized in production lines with T-Slots. These clamps utilize bolts and step blocks that enable you to clamp taller workpieces in place 

  1. Toe Clamps

Toe clamps are utilized to grip the side of the workpiece, rather than the top section like step clamps to provide you with unobstructed access to the surface of the workpiece that may require machining.  



Vacuum Style Fixtures

Vacuum style fixtures enable production line workers to apply uniform pressure to securely hold workpieces down. These types of fixtures utilize a vacuum under the workpiece by pumping air pressure. These types of fixtures are suitable for all shapes, designs, and thickness dimension workpieces. However, a disadvantage of this type of vacuum styled fixture is the holding force is restricted by surface area which can cause smaller pieces to fall off with ease. Therefore, these fixtures should only be utilized on larger workpieces with broad surface areas.  

How Fibrotek Advanced Materials Can Help

Fibrotek Advanced Materials is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that has expertly served the aerospace, automotive, and drone industries since 2000. Our diverse team of engineers, project managers, and production line staff manufacture exceptional milling machine fixtures from steel, aluminum, and other metals, including:

  • Finishing devices
  • Joining devices
  • Assembly jigs
  • Retainers and milling devices
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic grippers
  • Vacuum and clamp style

The Fibrotek Advanced Materials team oversees the initial design procedure through to in-house manufacturing and distribution to clients throughout Cana the United States, and Mexico. Our business strives to surpass industry standards of quality, plasticity, and customer service throughout the aerospace, automotive, and drone sectors. We render technoscientific services for our clients and associates to produce a valuable and innovative solution while strictly conforming and complying with AS9100 standards and quality specifications.

Fibrotek Advanced Materials has internal capabilities for 3-, 4-, 5- axis machining that enables our production team to seamlessly construct milling machine fixtures for your business needs.

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At Fibrotek Advanced Materials, clients can have confidence knowing they have partnered with a business that recognizes the complexity and importance of innovative and robust machine milling fixtures. With years of experience and industry jurisdiction, our team is well-equipped with the education and production machinery to deliver you with excellence.

To learn more about how we can assist you, please call us at (418) -439-0999 to book a consultation call with our team of diverse and experienced industry experts. We look forward to working with you.