Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Fibrotek Advanced Materials, a Canadian manufacturer of automotive composites, is committed to the engineering and production of interior and exterior composite tools and parts for automobiles, serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Fibrotek Advanced Materials produces superior quality automotive tools and parts, from initial design to manufacturing and delivery. The use of composite materials in the automotive industry has increased in recent years. As the demand continues to grow, Fibrotek Advanced Materials is here to meet the requirements of our clients in this highly technical industry. The key advantages offered by automotive composite parts are cost reduction, weight reduction, and recyclability. Composites offer numerous structural and weight advantages compared to traditional steel and injection-molded automotive parts.

Carbon fiber composites weigh about one-fifth the weight of steel, but are equally good or better in stiffness and strength.

Carbon fiber composites weigh about one-fifth the weight of steel, but are just as good or better in terms of stiffness and strength. They don't rust or corrode like steel or aluminum, and they could dramatically increase vehicle fuel economy by reducing vehicle weight by up to 60%.

Compared to steel, the capabilities of composite materials make it possible to meet and exceed the demands of the automotive industry. These unique characteristics include: excellent dimensional stability for shape retention and reliability, corrosion resistance, high impact resistance and relatively low weight to reduce overall vehicle mass.

The use of carbon fiber in automobile manufacturing has been around for some time. For the most part, however, carbon fiber will be used in structural parts of a vehicle.
Recently, the company’s emphasis on environmentally friendly practices is looking even more at carbon fiber. This is true because it is so light in nature. As a result, vehicles do not need to consume as much fuel, which is environmentally friendly.