Geophysical survey systems

Fibrotek Advanced Materials is engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of geophysical survey equipment and also specializes in the production of interior and exterior composite tools and parts for automobiles, serving the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Fibrotek Advanced Materials produces superior quality geophysical survey Stingers, from the initial design phase to manufacturing and delivery. An aluminum storage case is included with each Stinger we manufacture.
The Stinger, manufactured by Fibrotek, is suitable for low ground clearance, especially in difficult terrain which includes remote and inaccessible exploration areas. field. The Fibrotek Stinger can be installed on a variety of helicopters.
Fibrotek with over two decades of experience in manufacturing Geophysical Stingers with a trusted reputation in the industry. Our design department works directly with clients with specific design requirements, always ready to explore different design challenges.